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A lot of people want to

know what it was like to

work as an artist on

Tina Fey's 30 ROCK.


I understand.


I would want to know too.


Everyday I had something

unusual and interesting

to work on.


It was really great to

have a part to play in the

visual presentation of some

of the writers' most popular



It's so rewarding

when fans say

they love Meat Cat, and

Kimiko Tan and girls

have Lemon Parties recreating

the SaborDeSoledad bag.


One of the best things

about working on 30 ROCK

was being allowed to

work with famous corporate

trademarks like the NBC

logo and the General Electric

logo. It's unheard of for a

graphic designer to have

so much creative liberty

with brand icons like those,

especially for comedy's sake

and I will always be in

grateful shock that we

got away with it.


Here is a behind-the-scenes

look at the graphics office

where I worked for

seven seasons.


Long Live 30 ROCK!


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